Arabic for kids

Arabic language for kids

Each pack includes :

This course is to teach the Arabic language to children in a fun way with a curriculum that suits their ages using modern educational media (animations, visuals, stories, and Islamic songs). including pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. In addition, the student will get the opportunity to communicate through simple conversations to practice their language skills until reaching the proficiency level.

Course Sections:

The course consists of four levels, each with several integrated stages. Each student starts at the right level for him. Each level has an Oral and Written Test.

1st- Introductory Level:

It is prepared to introduce students to the Arabic Language in terms of Simple Sounds, Letters, and Words. This level’s objective is to make the student hear and pronounce Arabic Letters and Voices and to prepare them for study linguistically and intellectually.

2nd- Beginner Level:

At this level, students learn some sentences and linguistic structures that help them to make interactive dialogues during their daily lives. For example, sentences and words about:-
1. Greetings and socializing
2. Family
3. House
4. Daily life
5. Food and Drink
6. Worshipping
7. People and places
8. Weather

3rd- The Intermediate Level:-

This level is designed to introduce the student not only to the Arabic Language and Culture.
The Purpose of This:-
To help the student learn how to form a purposeful conversation in Arabic. At this level, he can understand some common and easy daily expressions and use them in his daily life.

He will be able to introduce himself and others, ask others questions about their addresses and relations, and also will be able to answer some questions about himself. Initiating conversations will not be hard for him if the addressee speaks slowly and clearly. Some topics that the student studies at this level are:-
1. Study
2. Work
3. Travel
4. Health
5. City life
6. Gifts and presents
7. Teaching and Learning

4th- The Advanced Level:

This course is for students who have a basic knowledge of the Arabic Language and Arabic Culture.

The Purpose of This Level:-
is to provide the student with advanced-level information about various topics related to Arabic-speaking countries and to make children fluent in Arabic Speaking, Reading, Writing, and lListening. Among the topics, the student studies are

1. Healthcare
2. The Islamic world
3. Security
4. Pollution
5. Energy
6. Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH)
7. A day in the life of a young man 8. Stories