A benefit of knowledge of the reasons for the widespread and the reputation of Hafs’s Narration from Asim, rather than all the frequent Readings of the Holy Quran

 Hafs’s narration was made popular in Al- Kufa, which was the capital of the caliphate at that time, and once the caliphate was transferred to Baghdad, Hafs moved to Baghdad, and also he neighbored the kaaba in Mecca, and read there, so his narration was popular between the delegations of scientists and learners.


As Hafs was dedicated to the read  more than any other reader of The Holy Quran.



 As Hafs was perfect in his narration from his sheikh, Asim, who was his stepfather and lived with him in the same home.


 Printing the Holy Quran with Hafs’s narration form, was an essential factor in its spread over the ages.

5-Radio and television:

 The first audio recording of the Holy Quran in the Islamic world was for sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Al-Husary, and it was with Hafs’s narration.

( it is a wonder that sheikh Al-Hosary refused to get paid for recording Quran on the radio, and as Allah  is the most Generous and the greatest reward-Giver, so sheikh Al-Hosary was rewarded with what is more precious than all the money and treasures in the world).

6-God’s will:

Allah Almighty has set acceptance and popularity for this narration, and this is the most strong and important reason. Nevertheless, it does not negate the importance of the other readings, as they are all, the words of Allah Almighty- the Lord of the world.