Advanced Courses

Advanced course in Arabic

Each pack includes :

Advanced Courses in Arabic Grammar, Morphology, Rhetoric, and Dictation

These courses are designed for students who strive to improve their Language Skills. Whether it is (Grammatical, Morphological, or Rhetorical), and improving their literary tasting skills in (Prose – Poetry – story)

Arabic Grammar Course:-

In this course, the student learns the basic rules of the Arabic language, and how to use it correctly, and studies some Mutoon (according to the student’s level) for example, Al-Jarūmiyyah, Alfiyyat Ibn Malik, etc…

Furthermore, the student learns the I’rab (Analysis) of some Surahs of the Noble Qur’an.

Morphology Course:-

In this course, the student learns the Formulas and Weights of Arabic Words and Phrases, Movements, and Morphological balance.

Rhetoric Course:-

In this course, the student learns the three Rhetoric Sciences (Al-Ma’ani, Al-Bayan, and Al-Badi). In addition to learning the Rhetorical styles (Redundancy, Equality, and Brevity) and the way they are used in different contexts, everything has a place.


By the end of these courses the student will be able to:

● Use Rhetorical meanings correctly.

● have a Rhetorical taste for the Noble Qur’an and the honorable Hadiths.