Arabic for adults

Arabic language for adults

Each pack includes :

3. Arabic For Adults

This course is specifically designed to teach Arabic to non-native speakers according to an accredited curriculum divided into levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) through which, students will learn all Arabic language skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing).Furthermore, the students will be able to communicate in different situations using correct Arabic grammar and vocabulary. The students will be able to communicate in different life situations using correct Arabic grammar and vocabulary.

There are three levels:-

1- Beginner

The level is for those who are familiar with reading and writing. During this level, students will learn simple conversational skills. They will be able to speak and understand simple conversations about; Going to school or the market, Greetings, Socializing, Everyday life, and so on.

2- Intermediate

At this level, the student practices Arabic in public and learns common expressions. Through studying grammar rules, the students develop a better understanding of Arabic. Additionally, they learn to read texts from different books and write about various topics in detail, which enables the students to master grammar and vocabulary.

3- Advanced:

At this level, the student learns the Arabic language as if he is a native speaker by studying Arabic language skills, arts and culture. Accordingly, students can speak fluently and understand Arabic just as a native speaker does. Moreover, he will be able to write and summarize articles with diverse correct vocabulary.


By the end of this course, the student will be able to:-
  • Read, Write, Understand, and Speak in Arabic correctly.
  • Write and dictate properly using the rules of the Arabic language.
  • Use the Arabic language grammar properly.
  • Gain more Arabic vocabulary and linguistic expressions.