Quran Academy

As all Muslims should learn Quran to be able to perform the Islamic prayers or the salah, there are many benefits to learning Quran, firstly Quran learning and reading are required from all Muslims, it brings Muslims closer to Allah and it gives Muslims the opportunity to learn many valuable lessons and messages that Allah wants to deliver; in addition, Quran is the most important Muslim book in which it acts as a guide to all Muslims and the most credible source for any information any Muslim is seeking about his / her religion or about life in general. There are unlimited benefits to learning the Quran and one of the most important benefits of learning and reading the Quran is that it will guide you to the right path that will help you win during life and also in the afterlife.


What is the easiest way to learn Quran from Quran Academy?

Learning Al Quran for non – Arabic speakers could certainly be tricky; however, it is totally worth it especially after you know that you gain a lot of deeds, even more than those who know how to read Arabic, due to the fact that as a non – Arabic speaker you exert more effort to read let alone learn Quran.

If you are new to Islam and trying to learn Quran, it would be better if you resort to a Quran Academy. A Quran Academy will take your hand and walk you through all the processes that will help you learn Quran in the easiest way possible, not only that; but also learning Quran in a Quran Academy will not only teach you how to read Quran, but it will also help you understand the Quran in order to be able to apply the learned lessons in your daily life and grow closer to Allah. Learning Quran is also an opportunity to not only get closer to Allah and build stronger faith but also learn a new language which would definitely be an added value to you.

There are many things that a Muslim will learn in a Quran Academy, such as; the Arabic alphabet, how to join the Arabic letters together, the short vowels which are known as the Harakat, and other rules that should be applied in the pronunciation while reading Quran.  Learning Quran in an Academy is more effective in comparison to learning Quran through video because it gives you the chance to interact with your teacher and allows you to ask questions to reach a better understanding and the maximum benefits.

In Murouj Quran Academy there is a Quran memorization and Ijazah course, and a Quran Tajweed course. The Quran memorization and Ijazah course teach kids and adults how to properly read and recite Quran as it is required from all Muslims. The objectives of this course are for students to have better recitation skills of the Quran, have a simplified understanding of the Quran Tajweed, and have good formation and pronunciation of Arabic words and words from the Quran. By the end of this course, the applicant will have the essential skills that are needed to be acquired by all Muslims. The Quran Tajweed course is another effective course, Tajweed means proficiency, in which it is the correct usage of the rules of reciting the Quran and the right pronunciation. Learning Tajweed is the perfect way to have a correct recitation of the Quran. The learning objectives of the Tajweed course are having correct pronunciation and understanding of the Arabic words in the Quran, having a correct and beautiful style of Quran recitation, and having the right flow of words in the Quran.